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Gaki No Tsukai Episode #1075

Episode Number: 1075

Episode Title: ベロンベロン酒場.  酔っぱらいしか入れない会員制のBAR
"BeronBeron (Stumbling Drunk) Bar. The bar where only drunkards can enter."

Broadcast Date:
Sunday, October 10th, 2011

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高橋 茂雄 Takahashi Shigeo of the "combi" Sabanna (サバンナ)
岩尾 望 (Iwao Nozomu of the Combi Football Hour)
いとう あさこ (Itou Asako) A female solo comic.

Episode Summary:
A slow night at the BeronBeron Bar, as Mama (Matsumoto) and Master (Hamada) await the arrival of their first customers of the evening. One hour before BeronBeron opened, however, a group of Geinin have begun a bout of drinking. As they raise their glasses the song 日本全国酒飲み音頭 (All Japan Sake Drinking March) is heard. A version is available here:
With much drama, the announcer asks, ;"Who will become the first customer?" It is, of course, a very slovenly looking Yamasaki. After he enters BeronBeron bar his drinking "stats" are quickly shown:
1st Customer: Yamasaki Hosei
Alcohol Previously Drunk: 2 (small Tokui) bottles of sake, 2 glasses of ShouChuu.
"Drunken Behavior" DATA:
  • Face quickly becomes red
  • Becomes generous, "big hearted." Picks fights.

During these "drinking data" graphics, the song  酒と泪と男と女 (Sake, Tears, Him, Her) by 河島 英五 (Kawashima Eigo) is played in the background. A version of this somewhat enjoyable, if maudlin song can be found here.
As Yamasaki takes a seat, Mama mistakes him for "Watanabe Tou san," which causes a little confusion. Yamasaki's drink? "for the moment, just water," to which Master is quite surprised. Instead they get Yamasaki a "Mizuwari" or "Whiskey and Water." 
Like the other customers to come, Yamasaki  has brought his own particular snack (おつまみ ) or in this case Calbee brand potato chips. This is hardly surprising, considering the love for this brand Yamasaki expressed in the recent Potato Chips Kiki (episode #1073). Noting this, Mama says that she "doesn't think an endorsement deal is coming, however."
Upon tasting his Mizuwari, it appears the drink is quite strong. "It surprised me a little," says Yamasaki. Mama and Master note the change in Yamasaki's face color. The conversation turns to Yamasaki's drinking character, and he confesses that he can become quite quarrelsome after two "Shou" (升)of sake (one Shou is about 1.8 liters.) Mama is consoling, however, stating that this isn't his "true character." Rather, he's really a "gentleman."
The announcer marks "15 minutes since the start of drinking and Yamasaki has started Hot Sake." "Twenty of these (small sake) Tokui bottles make up two Shou" remarks Mama, evidently trying to make Yamasaki worry less about his "two Shou" limit.
Just then the second customer arrives. Mama and Master remark at how his "face has changed!"

2nd Customer: 高橋 茂雄 Takahashi Shigeo
Alcohol Previously Drunk: 4 Glasses of beer, 4 glasses of ShouChuu, 2 glasses of Whiskey.
"Drunken Behavior" DATA:
  • "The life of the party"
  • Doesn't count his strong drinks.
Mama contrasts his youthful appearance to Yamasaki who has is an "old looking drunk." For his snack, Takahashi has brought his mother's Umeboshi or "pickled, dried plums," which everyone has a taste of. Supposedly they were instrumental in getting him a regular job on High Heel's (an female Owari Combi) program. So he calls them "Regular Acquisition (Income?) Umeboshi." They're certainly delicious, and takahashi, true to his "life of the party" character, proposes a Kampai. After Hamada asks him, Takahashi mentions that he'll drink maybe two days a week. This week he's drunk yesterday and the day before-- making today perfect!
Yamasaki is in awe of Takahashi's drinking ability. Takahashi then mentions that once, drinking with Yamasaki, Takahashi's older brother mentioned a strange dream he had, in which Takahashi became a host!
The announcer says that at this point, both customers join Master and Mama in a drink. Afterwards, Takahashi (really drinking quickly) asks for another ShouChuu "on the rocks." There is some small talk about a rumor of Takahashi being able to "go to the barber" (a sexual reference?) while drunk. It's obvious that Takahashi is drinking quickly, so perhaps Hamada only pretends to fill his cup. But both Yamasaki and Takahashi notice this, however. Mama writes this off as "every week the severity of his (Hamada's) being the Boke is increasing!" 

35 Minutes after the start of drinking:
Yamasaki: 3 cups Sake, 3 glasses ShouChuu.
Takahashi: 3 Beers, 2 Whiskeys, 4 glasses of ShouChuu.

At that point, the third customer enters:

3rd Customer: 岩尾 望 (Iwao Nozomu of the Combi Football Hour)

Alcohol Previously Drunk: 3 Beers, 4 glasses of ShouChuu, 4 glasses of white wine
"Drunken Behavior" DATA:
  • "Tension" (high spirited-ness) does not change
  • His face can change. ("a facial change can become apparent.")
After Iwao's entrance his is made to remove his sunglasses to show how much drinking has changed his face. "It's quite an angy face," says Mama, and she'll repeat the observation later. Iwao has brought as his snack "Flavored Nori" (seaweed). Iwao seems impressed it has no real calories, and then Hamada asks him of his drinking habits. "About half a beer a day" is usually what he drinks, usually by himself.
The drinking continues and it's revealed that Yamasaki must be at a theater tomorrow evening (presumably to perform his one man 月亭方正 [Tsukite Housei] Rakugo act) and Takahashi must be on "Hirunandesu" tomorrow at 10:00am! I'll hazard a guess that at least Takahashi he didn't make it. Mama agrees, saying to Takahashi, "You've drunk too much."
The conversation turns to Takahashi's combi material, which apparently deals with the topics of "space" and "real taxes." 
At the commercial break, the bumper reads "After this... Still MORE drunkards will appear..."

One Hour 15 Minutes After the Start of Drinking: (BGM: "I want to know what love is" by Foreigner.)
The pleasant drinking continues...
Takahashi's updated stats are: 3 Beers, 2 Whiskeys, 7 (!) Glasses of ShouChuu, and 3 white wines.
Just then the coolest of tonight's customers enters:

 4th Customer: 遠藤 章造 Endou Shouzou
Alcohol Previously Drunk:  1 Beer, 6 Whiskeys
"Drunken Behavior" DATA:
  • Gets an enlarged sense of justice
  • Tends to sermonize
Endou arrives with his snack: several cuts of Hinadori (baby chicken) from the chain restaurant 骨付鳥 一鶴 (Honetsukidori Ikkaku). Online research indicates that 870 yen is the correct price. The drunkards chomp down the chicken very unpleasantly.
When Mama asks Takahashi how he's doing, he excuses himself to the toilet, and Yama-Chan goes along for the ride. While they're gone, Endou bows to Master (does his あいさつ or aisatsu), saying it's really necessary. Mama agrees, which seems to embarrass Iwao, so quickly rises. And true to his "drunken behavior data" Endou starts sermonizing about the need for respect to Senpai.
After Yamasaki returns from the bathroom, the talk of Aisatsu (respectful greetings) continues. It couldn't come at a worse time, as now all hell is starting to break loose. When Takahashi comes out, Mama mentions the conversation is now concerning Aisatsu, and when it's OK or not, Iwaou is looking quite uncomfortable.
(Out of nowhere-- off topic?) Yamasaki adds that Geinin don't have "seniority by length of service" (i.e. Geinin senpai have not simply performed longer) to which Mama heartily agrees. Yamasaki, now increasingly incoherent(?) says "Seniority by length of service has NOTHING to do with geinin. It's (determined by) how funny they are." Yamasaki (intentionally?) seems to get quite heated over the idea.

One Hour thirty Five Minutes After the Start of Drinking:
The announcer notes that a change has come over Takahashi.
His current stats are: 3 Beers, 2 Whiskeys, 8 ShouChou, and 4 glasses of white wine.
The change the announcer mentioned is easily visible. "I'm drunk," he says.
The stats for the increasingly volatile Yamasaki are: 4 (small Tokui ) bottles of Sake, 3 glasses of ShouChuu, 3 glasses of white wine.
At this point, I can't begin to follow what's happening-- so let's concentrate on the next customer to arrive:

5th Customer: いとう あさこ (Itou Asako) A solo comic.
Alcohol Previously Drunk: 4 Beers, 8 glasses of white wine.
"Drunken Behavior" DATA:
  • Becomes VERY highly spirited ("Tension")
  • Becomes more feminine than usual.
Itou's snack is 鮭茶漬け(Chadzuke[broth?] with Salmon powder) from Kashimaya.
Things are happening quickly. Yamasaki bums a smoke ("hadn't you quit?") Mama mentions how Yamasaki had quietly asked for water.

One Hour 50 Minutes Since the Start of Drinking
Takahashi (who vomits?) needs to get air outside.

Two Hours since the Start of Drinking:
And Tanaka makes his fabled entrance, aided by Takahashi (!).  "He's really laughing a lot!" says Master. Soon Master and Mama are as well.

Sixth Customer: 田中 直樹 (Tanaka Naoki)

Alcohol Previously Drunk:  3 Beers, 6 Glasses of ShouChuu, 1 one small bottle of Sake, 4 glasses of white wine.
"Drunken Behavior" DATA:
  • Becomes more talkative ("number of words increases")
  • Laughs in a loud voice.

Mama is joking that Takahashi hasn't "drunk anything," while Tanaka is strangely walking around the room (Master: : But Tanaka's moving about---?")  Yamasaki wants to go to Karaoke, and Takahashi begins to make out with Itou.

This insanity will happily be continued next week!

Important Vocabulary:
酒場 (さかば): Bar, Bar room.
ベロンベロン: Drunken, stumbling
酔っぱらい  (よっぱらい):  A drunkard.
飲み干す (のみほす): To Drink up 
果たす (はたす): To Achieve, to accomplish, finish
焼酎 (しょうちゅう):A japanese liquor similar to Vodka. Korean "Soju"
酒癖 ( さけくせ ): Drinking habits. Drunken behavior
絡む (からむ ): Pick a quarrel.
水割り(みずわり): Whiskey and water.
お摘み(おつまみ): Snacks to go with alcohol. "Finger food."
CMオファー: Endorsement Deal(?)
熱燗(あつかん): Hot Sake

徳利(とくり): Slender "sake" bottle.
盛 る(もる): To serve, fill up.
盛り上げる(もりあげる): To stir-up, to enliven.
宴会(えんかい): Banquet, party.
未知数(みちすう): Unknown number.
漬 ける(つける): Pickled
梅干(うめぼし): Dried Plum
散髪(さんぱつ): Haircutting, hairdressing.
獲得(かくとく): Acquisition
万全(ばんぜん): Perfect.
破天荒(はてんこう) : Unprecedented, unheard of.
後輩(こうはい): Junior at work or school.
司会者(しかいしゃ): Presenter, host.
噂(うわさ): Rumor
増す(ます): Increase
腹立ち( はらたち): Angry
税金(ぜいきん): Tax
更なる(さらなる): Still more, further.
正義感(せいぎかん): Sense of justice
説教(せっきょう): Preach. Sermonize
年功序列(ねんこじょうれつ): Seniority by length of service.
ええんちゃう: (kansai ben) "Ok, isn't it?"
普段 (ふだん): Normal.
女らしい(おんあらしい): Feminine. Ladylike.

Episode Analysis:

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